Unpacking SBA Programs From the New Stimulus Bill

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact us, business owners and entrepreneurs continue to be concerned about their business, employees, and customers—as well as their families. We will provide guidance on the SBA programs contained in the new stimulus bill.

The new stimulus bill offers SBA lending to small and medium-sized businesses.

In this 60 minute video call, Ami & Lynn will discuss the current bills guidance as it pertains to SBA programs as well as how you can gain access:

  • Understanding the SBA's role
  • What it takes to qualify
  • How the loans work
  • Changes to the SBA program
  • How these programs can benefit your business

This webinar is part of an ongoing conversation curated by Multifunding to help small to midsize businesses understand the most up-to-date information impacting them so that they can have a successful outcome during these challenging times.

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    May 5th, 12:00PM (EST) Unpacking the New Stimulus Bill's SBA Programs

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    • May 5th, 12:00PM (EST) Unpacking the New Stimulus Bill's SBA Programs

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